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Marguerite d'Autriche (1480-1530)

Les Jardins de Courtoisie
Anne Delafosse-Quentin

Les Jardins de Courtoisie, Anne Delafosse-Quentin, Paulin Bündgen, alto, François Roche , ténor, Philippe Roche, basse

As with the royal monastery of Brou conceived as a loving memorial to her husband Philibert, who died tragicaly young, Margaret of Austria saw the sumptuously illuminated chansonniers (collections os songs) she compiled as intimate diaries in which she could give free rein to her sighs and 'regrets'. This higly cultivated princess assembled a collection of polyphonic pieces by the fines Franco-Flemish composeres which perfectly mirrored her inmost emotions.

What the press says :

« A recording succes (...) matching its design, magnificent illustrations, comments and lay-out»
David Fiala, Diapason, October 2006.

With the support from Bourg-en-Bresse and Monum

Released on the 31st of August 2006

Price : 20€

Awards :

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