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Nicola Porpora (1686 - 1768)

Il Vespro per la Festività dell'Assunta

Maîtrise de Bretagne & Parlement de Musique dirigés par Martin Gester.

Maîtrise de Bretagne & Parlement de Musique conducted by Martin Gester.
Marilia Vargas - soprano
Michiko Takahashi - soprano
Delphine Galou - alto

Tender music of transparent texture, combining virtuoso baroque chorus with ornate classica aria, Porpora's 1744 Vespers "per la Festività dell' Assunta" was written for the girls of the Ospedaletto orphanage in Venice. Live recording from the 2011 Ambronay Festival, directed by Martin Gester.

Released on the 20th of March 2012

Price : 20 €

Last update Wednesday 23 November 2022