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Motets & Madrigaux

Cappella Mediterranea
Leonardo García Alarcón

Cappella Mediterranea - Leonardo García Alarcón
Mariana Flores, Maria Hinojosa Montenegro, Fabian Schofrin, Juan Sancho, Matthew Baker

Celebrated troughout Europe as the foremest English composer of his time, Peter Philips drew upon many different musical traditions to create a hugely expressive body of work which is still largely unknown. A recording which transforms silence into sound, sound into emotion, emotion into colour and colour into poetry.

What the press says :

“one glimpses an admirably rounded composer here, but just as engaging is the ebullience with which the music is brought to life : massed voices and instruments, quasi-orchestral effects that don’t sound at all forced despite having been carefully planned ; and a
marked exuberance in the embellishment of melodic lines.” Fabrice Fitch, Gramophone Magazine, April 2009.

Released on the 16th of October 2008

Price : 20 €

Awards : **** Monde de la Musique


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