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Luigi Rossi - Marco Marazzoli

Les Paladins
Jérôme Correas

Les Paladins - Jérôme Correas - conducting
Monique Zanetti, Barbara Kusa, Jean-François Lombard, Hervé Lamy, Arnaud Richard

Bright suns and dark suns the Italian baroque. A Caravaggesque programme of light and shadow with masterworks from two of Rome's foremost cantata composers, Luigi Rossi and Marco Parazzoli. Enchanted pages for the first time on CD.

What the press says :

"...another gem where the importance of the works matches the excellence of the performance."
Denis Morrier, Diapason, September 2008.

"Jérôme Correas has cast a loving eye on these Italian works [...] seduced by the emotional power of music from the time of the Barberini family and the young Mazarin. [...] The continuo of Les Paladins is outstanding. At once capricious and free, simple and learned [...] All the delights and discords of a century are brought together here." Vincent Borel, Diapason, June 2008.

Released on the 24th of April 2008

Price : 20€

Awards : **** Monde de la musique

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