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Rosenmüller, Legrenzi, Stradella

The Rare Fruits Council
Manfredo Kraemer

The Rare Fruits Council & Manfredo Kraemer

In Venice, ca. 1677, flourished a trinity of masters : Rosenmüller, Legrenzi, Stradella. Men whose lives were bound by fame and persecution. Peerless musicians whose innovative, passionate visions for the violin were ideally complementary. Manfredo Kraemer and The Rare Fruits Council illuminate the virtuosity and tenderness of their art.

Released on the 26th of May 2011

Price : 20€

Awards : ***** de Diapason

Last update Thursday 13 December 2018
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ROSENMÜLLER, LEGRENZI, STRADELLA - VENEZIAhttp://api.dmcloud.net/player/pubpage/4e709e80f325e11e5f000025/4ea22e2e94a6f6461d000f8d/7b154e79ffa64e4384ba6a3f9cd49a76?